This woman's story about ruining a science experiment is the best thing you'll read today


When struggling to make ends meet at university, many students look for weird and wonderful ways to make a few extra quid.

But writer and actress Nicole Stamp may have told the best story of all when it comes to going the extra mile for an easy dollar.

Stamp shared a story on Twitter, which has inevitably gone viral, detailing her allegedly participating in a science experiment after being allured by a $15 an hour fee.

She describes how it all started off seeming very innocent, with a bowl of newly baked cookies for her to eat.

Then the questions came and the experiment took a rather bizarre turn. Stamp began to sense something was up.

Finally all was revealed, with an unexpected and hilarious result.

So there you have it folks: don't try this at home. Or maybe do. Definitely do in fact.

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