Former Wisconsin governor bizarrely crops picture of a pizza from 2019 to show support of local business
Scott Walker/ Twitter

Former WisconsingovernorScott Walker has been called out after he appeared to tweet a year old photo of a pizza he ate in 2019 as though it were new.

Walker was previously the governor of Wisconsin for eight years, up until 2019. He’s a Republican – he opposes abortion, same-sex marriage and has said that securing the US border against illegall immigration is one of the US’ highest priorities –  and was even briefly a candidate for nomination for the Presidency in 2016.  Walker even withdrew his support for Trump in 2016 after he criticised a federal judge, but has since come around as a supporter.

But Walker is facing backlash after what may seem like an innocent tweet – a close cropped, blurry photo of a pizza with sausages on it (it doesn’t exactly look very appetizing). The pizza was from San Giorgio Pizzeria Napoletana, a business in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Walker added that it was important to support local restaurants and small businesses.

But Twitter sleuths soon figured out that the photo – which was weirdly cropped – was actually from a year ago, which Walker had also tweeted.

He tweeted the same photo of a birthday dinner with two of his sons – in October of 2019.

People pointed out that it wasn’t necessary to lie about this.

Others said it was worse than it seemed, and that Walker seems to have a history of lying in public.

Some people just made fun of him.

Walker did eventually respond – saying that he didn’t take a photo last night and so used an old photo instead. However, he did confirm that his family had gone to San Giorgio.

While no one doubts that it’s important to support local businesses in the middle of everything else happening, perhaps it’s better to actually do it – as opposed to tweeting-year-old photos and pretending that they’re new.

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