The secret to being successful is a lot easier than you think


If you’re reading this in bed after a lie-in don’t worry. Laziness might not be a terrible trait after all.

Michael Lewis, author of The Big Short, told the audience of the Insight Summit that being lazy isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

In fact, it can make you more successful.

Lewis said he doesn’t see laziness as a trait to avoid, because it focuses his efforts on the things that matter.

He explained that he doesn’t feel uncomfortable doing nothing, if nothing has captured his interest - and it’s better to do nothing than waste time trying not to waste time.

He said:

People waste years of their lives not being willing to waste hours of their lives. If you mistake busyness for importance, which we do a lot, you're not able to see what really is important.

Laziness, he said, stops you from wasting time on things that aren’t worth your time.

My laziness serves as a filter. Something has to be really good before I'll decide to work on it.

This is coming from the man who’s written six books in the last ten years, while also working as an editor at Vanity Fair – so his advice may be worth listening to. If you can be bothered, that is.

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