Picture: Charley Gallay/Getty
Picture: Charley Gallay/Getty

The condition of 'injury-by-selfie' finally has a name.

Selfie elbow.

The condition was 'discovered' after NBC journalist Hoda Kotb developed a pain in her elbow and visited the doctors to investigate.

Kotb told Elle.com the story:

I went to the orthopaedist and he said, 'Are you playing tennis or ping-pong?' And of course I'm not, so I told him I was taking selfies.

According to the NHS, tennis elbow:

often occurs after strenuous overuse of the muscles and tendons of the forearm, near the elbow joint.

Strenuous overuse you say?

Sports physician Dr Jordan Metzel told elle.com:

Basically, the interface between technology and the human body sometimes causes injuries of over-exuberance… you get selfie elbow from taking too many selfies.

To prevent an overuse injury which can cause inflammation and pain, simply stop taking so many selfies or, according to Metzel, alternate your arms.

Now there are physical consequences to millenial narcissism.

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