Shockingly sexist email goes viral because manager hit reply all

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A few months ago, Rosette Laursen was an assistant at a Hollywood talent agency.

It sounds like an exciting and interesting job doesn't it? Being at the heart of the action and trying to make it in the industry.

However, things began to turn sour for Laursen in March after she made a simple request.

Laursen allegedly asked her boss in an email if she could have 8 March off for the "A Day Without A Woman" initiative, which was taking place on International Women's Day.

The idea behind the day was to demonstrate the importance of women in the modern workplace and appreciate the contributions that they make.

Laursen claims she explained to her boss that she wanted to spend the day writing, as she dreams of one day becoming a TV writer.

She even offered to have the day off without pay.

Her boss, who she calls Jorkle but has since been identified as Michael Einfeld, allegedly did not see it that way.

According to Laursen, Einfeld accidentally forwarded his response to her request by hitting 'reply all'.

Picture: Rosette Laursen

Picture:Picture: Rosette Laursen

Laursen shared his alleged response in a Facebook post, which has since been shared over 800 shares at the time of writing.

It's said that he then attempted to correct his error with an apology in a text, which Laursen also shared.

Picture:Picture: Rosette Laursen

Laursen was pretty offended by this entire incident and immediately quit the job, despite her co-workers trying to convince her otherwise.

She writes on Facebook.

I wasn't a big fan of any of this, and responded 'I quit'. One of my male coworkers, obviously realising he would be experiencing 'a day without a woman' for the indefinite future and would have to do more work, encouraged me to come back into the office saying, 'It was just a joke'. My coworkers had worked there for years and my only guess is that they slowly became desensitised to Jorkle’s behaviour to the point where the line of what is normal or acceptable didn't just blur, it disappeared. Which is sad, because I otherwise liked them.

She goes on the explain that although Einfeld could be nice at times, he was prone to plenty of other outbursts where he would allegedly use racist and discriminatory language.

Laursen admits that she was happy to endure this, as she was already looking for another job but this personal attack was the final straw.

However, she didn't want to let the incident go without consequence.

I wanted to handle matters quickly, privately and professionally through a lawyer who specialised in workplace harassment. My lawyer requested a few months pay from Jorkle as compensation for letting the issue go. For me it wasn’t about getting a big pay out from Jorkle, but since he doesn’t seem to have any remorse or a moral compass, I agreed that losing some money over this was one thing that might make him think twice about behaving in the same manner in the future.

Despite the lawyers efforts Einfeld is yet to respond to any emails, letters or phone calls. Rosette could have taken him to court but has chosen to share the emails via social media instead.

Update: The original post has now been flagged and removed from Facebook.

Rose has since uploaded it to her website. Click here to read.

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