RSPCA rescue Lancashire dog from goal net (RSPCA/PA)
RSPCA rescue Lancashire dog from goal net (RSPCA/PA)

A sheep stuck in a football net had to be rescued by an animal charity.

A member of the public called the RSPCA after spotting the sheep in their garden in Rossendale in Lancashire

RSPCA inspector Vicki McDonald, who dealt with the animal, said: “Sheep are naturally very wary of humans and this sheep did start to thrash as I approached her, however it was really important to subdue her and to get her free before she seriously harmed herself.”

Sheep stuck in a goal net in Lancashire (RSPCA/PA)

Vicky was finally able to untangle the sheep’s neck from the net, and it suffered no major damage.

“I checked her over and she was absolutely fine – apart from perhaps feeling a little sheepish,” Ms McDonald joked.

The RSPCA advises nets should be put away when not in use to prevent animals becoming tangled.

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