BBC host gives brutally honest response to Boris Johnson's model bus painting hobby

BBC newsreader Simon McCoy is well known for his pithy, sarcastic and unenthusiastic takes on major news stories of the day.

In the past, he has been less than forthcoming about royal baby news and surfing dogs, but maybe he would be a bit more affable to Tory leadership contender Boris Johnson.

In another bizarre day for the former foreign secretary, he admitted in an interview with TalkRadio that he likes to make and paint models of buses during his spare time, to relax.

Amazingly this has become national news, as Johnson would rather talk about anything else other than what was going on in his home on Friday night and where that photo of him and his girlfriend came from.

BBC News aired the segment of him explaining his hobby to Ross Kempsell, which McCoy didn't seem too impressed by. After Johnson revealed that he likes to paint old wine boxes, McCoy dryly replied with this:

I wonder what he writes on the side of if?

No prizes for guessing that McCoy was referring to the infamous Vote Leave bus that toured the UK in the summer of 2016 with a blatant lie about how much money could be spent on the NHS instead of the EU if we voted for Brexit.

McCoy's wonderfully deadpan rebuke of Johnson has already gone viral and people love it.

We think that McCoy's latest tweet really does sum up the entire state of the country right now.

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