If you don't live under a stone, or in another galaxy, then you'll be aware that the Carters have dropped a brand new album, Everything is Love, and it's popping.

One of the new tracks from the album, 'Ape--t', which dropped on 16 June, sees Beyoncé and her husband Jay Z rapping and singing together in the most famous art museum in the world, The Louvre.

Now, someone has given the video an art history analysis and it's great. Basically, by placing themselves in the Louvre, Beyoncé and Jay Z are reclaiming a typically white space for a black audience - and showing how they've been phenomenally successful in the face of institutional racism.

Twitter user It's Me Curly broke down the video masterpiece by masterpiece, and explained it in 20 tweets. We've selected the highlights below.

Basically, Beyoncé and Jay Z have MADE IT.

Queen Bey is the Mona Lisa (of modern times).

She also models herself as both the Ancient Greek statue of Victory, and Venus de Milo, therefore dismantling white notions of beauty.

She also takes on colonialism.

Now, she asserts female creation and black independence.

To sum up, 'Apes--t' is an acknowledgement of the Carters' phenomenal success in the face of current and historical oppression.


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