South Australia celebrated with ‘accidentally’ X-rated tourism campaign

Tourism campaigns are all about enticing images and catchy slogans, but they’re not commonly known for their sexual innuendos.

That’s now changed thanks to an eyebrow-raising new press pack promoting the delights of South Australia.

The “campaign launch” press release purports to be a “domestic travel initiative”, complete with its own YouTube channel and social media pages.

It also includes a slick video featuring soaring aerial views of vineyards and coastlines, and glamorous fine dining.

But what’s really set tongues wagging is the slogan: “Go down south with your mouth.”

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And while viewers could easily be forgiven for thinking this euphemism is in innocent oversight, the video’s voiceover puts that theory to bed.

“Why does it taste so much better when you go down south?” she asks at the start of the clip.

The commentary continues innocuously enough for a few seconds before heating up again.

“Your tongue yearns for a certain sensation, your heart and soul flower through flavour,” she says.

The woman then continues: “Is it time to let our abundant delights burst in your mouth?

“Is it time to bask in an Australian bush, native to our southern lands?”

This can’t all be accidental, and Twitter agrees:

The ABC looked into the matter and found that local tourism authorities claim no responsibility for the advert.

In fact, it was the brainchild of two entrepreneurs who previously created a similarly jaw-dropping campaign.

Adam Blackburn and Blaze Tripp have admitted to being the masterminds of a “CU in the NT” campaign for the Northern Territory.

The pair own websites for several tongue-in-cheek campaigns selling merchandise online.

"We’re just a couple of blokes that are knocking up some ideas," Blackburn said in a podcast at the time of the “CU in the NT” controversy.

"It’s an invitation to the greatest territory in the world, mate, that’s what it is."

South Australia’s tourism board has categorically denied endorsing their new offering.

A spokesperson confirmed the state government had nothing to do with the campaign.

“Its so not us,” she said.

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