Stanley Tucci showed the world how to make his favourite lockdown cocktail and everyone swooned
Screengrab: Twitter

America’s sweetheart Stanley Tucci transfixed social media on Tuesday with an Instagram tutorial on how to make a Negroni.

The tutorial of how to make the Italian cocktail which includes gin, sweet vermouth and Campari brought the soothed the world’s nerves and gave the internet some peace in a slew of lockdown content.

At least one thing the world can agree on during lockdown is how much we all appreciate Stanley...

Like, *really* appreciate him...

Not only was the video comforting, but social media users found themselves thirsting over Tucci, which is exactly the turn this was always going to take, right?

One Instagram user commented on his video, "The Negroni shall henceforth be known as the QuaranTucci."

Cheers to that!

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