Stephen King perfectly described the first presidential debate in just 16 words

Stephen King is no stranger to taking down Donald Trump and his review of Tuesday night’s US Presidential debate is no different.

The American author watched the debate unfold and then gave his scathing evaluation via Twitter in 16 succinct words:

Mic drop.

People couldn’t help but agree with King’s brutal review of the debate:

Stephen King’s go-to insult for Trump is calling him “Blabbermouth Don” and it’s just as satisfying every time he uses it.

He’s also previously called the POTUS “a vile, racist, and incompetent bag of guts and waters”, as well as a “trash fire”.

During Tuesday’s debate, Trump constantly interrupted Biden – prompting debate moderator Chris Wallace to ask him to stop and even Biden to remark:

Will you shut up, man?

Other highlights include Trump refusing to denounce white supremacy and trying to claim he “sarcastically” encouraged people to inject bleach to cure coronavirus.

Missed the debate? Don’t worry – we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the most unbelievable things.

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