Customer leaves entire $1,200 stimulus cheque as a tip to help struggling restaurant staff

A customer at a restaurant in Arkansas has restored our faith in humanity after leaving their entire $1,200 stimulus cheque as a tip.

The restaurant in question is the Colonial Steakhouse in a small city called Pine Bluff. The owner, Dana Gately, said it was enough for her to pay each member of staff $100.

It may not sound like much in the scheme of things, but these are difficult times for the hospitality industry, and every little helps.

According to Grub Street, general manager Allison Hall said:

It came at a time that most of our staff really needed it. Things have been barely getting by.

The customer in question has not been identified, but the majority of Americans will have receive a $1,200 stimulus cheque from the government, which is part of a $2tr package and applies to everyone earning up to $99,000 per year.

The industry has been hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic, with many establishments being forced to close after lockdown measures were imposed.

Even those which are still open are struggling given a vastly lower footfall and nationwide economic slowdown due to Covid-19.

Many hospitality staff also rely heavily on tips to top up a low base salary, meaning people still working will be affected by the lack of custom.

It's a sad indictment of the lack of social value given to these jobs that one person's generosity is so crucial in ensuring the financial survival of a small business.

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