Stormy Daniels was on SNL and everyone is making the same joke

SNL screengrab

Stormy Daniels appeared on Saturday Night Live and joined the cast in throwing jibs at the US president.

The sketch started with Michael Cohen, played by Ben Stiller, ringing Donald Trump, played by Alec Baldwin.

Cohen - the US president’s legal representative who has been embroiled in an on-going controversy relating to porn actress Stormy Daniels – is calling Trump about being found out for collusion and obstruction of justice.

The phone conversation went back and forth, with the duo making light of prison and joking about advisor to the president Rudy Giuliani and Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

The latter, played by Aidy Bryant, asked Baldwin-Trump if he was lying about Stormy Daniels, to which he said “yes”.

And then Stiller-Cohen and Baldwin-Trump conference called Daniels. The conversation went like this:

Baldwin-Trump: What do you need for this to all go away?

Daniels: A resignation.

Baldwin-Trump: Yeah right. Being president is like doing porn – once you do it, it’s hard to do anything else. Besides, my pole numbers are finally up. Speaking of poles being up…

Daniels: Donald…

Baldwin-Trump: Oh come on, we’ll always have shark week. I solved North and South Korea. Why can’t I solve us?

Daniels: Sorry Donald, it’s too late for that. I know you don’t believe in climate change, but a storm’s a-coming!

The skit really brought home all the controversies of Trump's presidency.

People online were, among other things, shocked by the country's sorry state of affairs.

And a similar line of thinking quickly emerged...

Y tho


Everyone is waiting for Trump's response with bated breath...

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