Freezing stray dogs in Turkey are being wrapped in blankets by kind volunteers

Harriet Marsden@harriet1marsden
Saturday 14 January 2017 10:15

All across Europe, we're experiencing a deadly cold snap of below-freezing temperatures.

In Istanbul, the worst snowstorms in nearly a decade have left the city with almost 65cm of snow.

The city is known for its high numbers of stray dogs and cats, all of whom now risk freezing to death in their sleep outside.

Picture:(Getty Images / Chris McGrath)

Luckily, some citizens of Istanbul are heading out into the cold to help.

People have been placing pieces of cardboard inside shopping districts for stray dogs, covering them with blankets and even feeding them.

Picture: Getty Images / Ozan Kose(Getty Images / Ozan Kose)

A few landlords have let dogs sleep inside the shops.

Selçuk Bayal, stationery shop and cafe owner, has transformed his business into a temporary shelter for stray cats.

Facing criticisms from customers, he put up a sign in the window: "Those who are bothered by cats, do not shop here."

He told The Dodo:

Our doors are open to all living creatures — hungry cats, dogs, and even people. It does not matter.


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