One of the most controversial YouTubers in the world just won an award and the internet is not happy

Sirena Bergman@SirenaBergman
Saturday 14 December 2019 13:00

Awards choices are never going to please everyone, but one particular win has divided opinion more than most.

At last night's Streamy Awards, the coveted Creator of the Year title - which is voted on by viewers - went to Tana Mongeau, one of the most controversial YouTubers out there.

Mongeau, who is best known for her disastrous attempt to rival Vidcon, the biggest YouTuber convention in the world, which she felt had slighted her. Tanacon basically went the way of Fyre festival, and it probably would have ended any other influencer's career. But Mongeau somehow turned it around, and just 18 months later is now apparently back on top.

Obviously, the Tana stans were thrilled, but not everyone was into it.

Much of the criticism suggested she didn't really deserve the award, given her videos don't typically have the the highest production value and Mongeau is somewhat known for just switching on a camera and hoping for the best.

Others took the moment to point out some of her other controversial choices.

Like when she "married" Jake Paul and charged her subscribers to livestream the wedding.

And the fact that she has a history of problematic language.

Some people thought there were other creators who were more deserving of the award.

However, Mongeau is used to the detractors at this point (her Twitter bio - "not bad for a 5 with no talent" - is basically an ode to them) and didn't appear to let them kill her vibe.

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