Comedians Cariad Lloyd and Jenny Bede have finally given Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' the parody homage it deserves - and what's more, it's a call to arms against the tampon tax.

The duo created menstrual-themed superhero alter-egos for themselves and a whole cartel of friends a la Taylor Swift's celebrity posse in the original 'Bad Blood' video (take a bow, Jenn da Bias, Applic Hater and Madame Ovary) to deliver a pretty clear message:

Now we've got problems, and ibuprofen can't solve them/

So until there's a tax cut, ladies here's to our Bad Blood!

The duo rap and sing their way through the spoof, which asks Chancellor George Osborne to finally drop the five per cent VAT currently levied on sanitary products - a charge which isn't applied to men's razors, flapjacks, or exotic meats such as crocodile and ostrich.

C'mon George Osborne you can scrap the tax - why do ya think your box is red?

Lloyd, Bede and friends also come up with some inventive suggestions for cheaper alternatives to tampons and sanitary pads such as, um, dishcloths.

A petition started last year to stop taxing essential female healthcare products has over 240,000 signatures - far more than the 100,000 needed to warrant official consideration from parliament.

There have also been protests outside Downing Street to draw attention to the issue - but so far, no dice.

Our super-plusses are adding up/

Why do you keep bloody taxing us?

Even if band-aids don't fix bullet holes, who knows? Maybe spoof songs can change government policy.

Check out the very literal version of 'Bad Blood' below:

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