Taylor Swift creeps out Stephen Colbert after pulling out mood-board with pictures of his face

Taylor Swift and Stephen Colbert
Taylor Swift and Stephen Colbert

While promoting her recently released Fearless (Taylor’s Version) on “The Late Show” Tuesday, Taylor Swift was asked by Stephen Colbert whether her 2008 Fearless song “Hey Stephen” was about him.

Despite knowing an awful lot about the host and comedian, Swift continually denied allegations her song was about Colbert, even after she pulled out a massive mood board covered with pictures of his face as part of an hilarious bit.

“To get me in the same headspace as when I wrote it, I wanted it to be really authentic, so I pulled out my old mood board,” Swift joked.

“Um - Taylor, those are all pictures of me,” Colbert said.

“Don’t flatter yourself. My song ‘Hey Stephen’ is not about you any more than my album ’1989′ is about that year you spent waiting tables on the lunch shift at Scoozi, an Italian restaurant in the north area of Chicago that, by the way, serves a really incredible slice of pizza,” Swift said, before joking that the song was actually about Stephen King.

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Yes, the master of horror and supernatural fiction.

“No matter how much you insist that ‘Hey Stephen’ is not about me, I keep getting the strong feeling that it is,” Colbert said.

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