Teacher goes viral after helping man with maths homework on public transport

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If you're like this particular writer, you'll hate maths of any kind with a passion - mostly because you're not very good at it.

On reflection, it does make one wish that there was some sort of mathematical guardian who could have assisted with homework.

Maybe that person could meet struggling mathematicians on a train, just like this kind man who helped another man with a maths assignment on a New York subway train.

New York City resident Denise Wilson shared a post on Facebook of two men on a train. They began a conversation when one noticed that the other was struggling with some maths questions that his son had failed on.

The other men just happened to be a maths teacher, and the two then worked out the problems for the remainder of the journey so that the father could go home and help his kid.

Like any remotely positive thing you see on the internet, Denise's post soon went viral and has been shared more than 40,000 times on Facebook at the time of writing.

Many replies were full of praise and happiness for this random act of warm-heartedness and kindness between two complete strangers.

We can only hope that they actually managed to get the questions right and the child passed with flying colours.

Furthermore, it proves that public transport doesn't always have to be an awful place full of paranoia and can, in fact, create beautiful moments of humanity and compassion.

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