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It never hurts to be nice, as The New Riders of the Purple Sage once sang, but sometimes it can be more difficult that you might think.

Compliments are tricky things - something said, even with genuine affection or respect, can be misinterpreted any number of ways.

Men are often blamed for not being sensitive enough, or aware of what they're blurting out - but all genders can be guilty of a mistake or two when it comes to socialising.

Fortunately, the people of reddit have got you covered. One thread recently asked reddit's women what compliments they genuinely liked and disliked receiving from guys.

Here's what they said:

Funny haha, not like 'you're funny'


Don't focus on looks

Or do... Everyone is different and has different outlooks, respect that.

Show a genuine interest

It's not hard.

Everything in moderation

And here are some of the worst...

Stop saying this...

'Smile more'

There's a difference

It goes both ways...

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