The best of the public's submissions to the Airports Commission

"Boris Island" will never see the light of day
"Boris Island" will never see the light of day

A proposal to build an airport on the Thames Estuary - dubbed "Boris Island" because of the Mayor of London's support for the plan - has been rejected by the commission looking into the future of Britain's airports.

Sir Howard Davies, releasing the Airports Commission's latest report, said the commission was "not persuaded" it was a workable option due to the cost, environmental hurdles and economic disruption.

Boris Johnson can take heart from the knowledge that his is not the only proposal the commission has snubbed. Sir Howard has previously said other ideas submitted by the public - including a plan to build a runway through the garden of BBC Radio 4 Today presenter John Humphrys - were a little "far-fetched".

Here's the best of those "far-fetched" responses to the Airports Commission's consultation.

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