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Cheating on your partner or spouse is never a good idea nor should it be applauded.

Sadly, when it comes to infidelity some people just can't help themselves.

While it happens in every country on Earth, some nations are allegedly more likely to cheat on their partner than others.

Which countries are they you ask? Britain? America? France? Italy?

Research from Dr Felix shows that it is actually Scandinavia.

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The home of IKEA, big woollen jumpers and those gripping crime dramas has been statistically found to be the most prone to cheating on the planet.

To be more specific it was Denmark that came out on top,with 46 per cent of Danes quizzed for the survey admitting to having extra-marital affairs.

For a nation that only has a population of just over 5 million people, that is a pretty big figure.

Just behind Denmark on the scale were Norway, with 41 per cent of their married couples also doing the dirty on their husband or wife.

Iceland and Finland occupied third and fourth place, with the stats of 39 per cent and 36 per cent respectively.

In fact, if you know 10 married Scandinavian couples at least four of them are likely to be cheating on their significant other.

However, we don't advise that you bring it up at their next dinner party.

It isn't just married couples who are having all the sex in Scandinavia either. One night stands appear to be really popular too.

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At least two thirds of the populations of the aforementioned countries are sleeping with someone on an on and off basis.

The report states that the global average for one night stands is only 44 per cent, meaning that single folks are getting a lot of action in Nordic countries.

The Dr Felix study also analysed the sexual habits of other nations.

It found that Greeks were most likely to have had anal sex whilst Indians were the most content with their love lives.

Their findings were obtained via three months of research into previous scientific and non-scientific data into various sexual tendencies from around the world.

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