The depressing effect a low neckline has on a woman's chance of getting a job

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Wednesday 29 June 2016 16:30
Picture: Vika Valter/Getty

A new report which researched the impact of clothing on the recruitment process has returned some grim results.

Dr Sevag Kertechian, based in France, conducted a three-year experiment which used a pair of women - of similar looks, skills and experience - dressed differently for their CV photograph.

The woman who wore a low-cut dress received 62 more interview offers from the 200 sales role applications, and 68 more for the accountancy applications than the woman who was dressed more modestly.

Picture: University of Bristol

This meant that women dressing provocatively were almost 20 times more likely to receive a job offer.

Kertechian, who is in London this week for a four-day, annual Appearance Matters conference on the body, said:

Our results showed interesting trends as low-cut dresses significantly influenced the choice of the recruiters, even for accounting positions.

The results were quite shocking and negative but not necessarily surprising – they show we need to conduct more research.

This isn’t the first suggestion that women who use their sexuality are more likely to get jobs.

Author of Girl on Top: Your Guide to Turning Dating Rules into Career Success, Nicole Williams argued that women should flirt in order to do well in the workplace:

Using flirtation is just smart. If you need someone’s help, use the tools available to you. It’s naive to think it has no place at work.

It’s empowering. Flirting is one of many assets that you can work to get ahead.

Or, um, women could be chosen for a job based on their achievements, qualifications and suitability for the role? Like men?

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