The four people who died on the last day of the Gaza conflict

The four people who died on the last day of the Gaza conflict

Just hours before an open-ended ceasefire began between Israel and Hamas on Tuesday, after 50 days of conflict and more than 2,000 deaths, four people died.

In Israel, the victims were 55-year-old Kibbutz security chief Ze'evik Etzion and his deputy Shahar Melamed, 43, while in Gaza the chief of the electric company's maintenance division, Mohammad Daher, 49 and his deputy Tamir Hamad, 27, were killed by a missile fired from an Israeli drone.

Mr Daher's brother, Raed, told the Washington Post he was not a militant or part of Hamas but died "because he was a Palestinian".

"He was a father and a grandfather. He was an old guy. He didn't have a gun or a jet plane", he said.

In Israel Mr Melamed, a father of three, and Mr Etzion, a father of five, were outside Kibbutz Nirim, near the border with Gaza, repairing an electricity cable when they were hit by a mortar barrage. They died an hour before the ceasefire began.

Dadi Rubinstein, a local resident, told Ynet: "Bereavement is part of this kibbutz. There is no formula to deal with this situation. The community supports the family and I hope that we will figure out how to get through this difficult day."

According to the latest UN estimates, 2,104 Palestinians have been killed since the start of Operation Protective Edge in July. Of that number 1,462 are thought to be civilians - that includes 495 children. More than 108,000 Palestinians have had their homes destroyed or severely damaged.

In the same period 69 Israelis have been killed, including four civilians. One foreign national has also died.

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