The Green Party manifesto, point by point

The Green Party manifesto, point by point

Climate change

  • "Carbon quota" for sales of fossil fuels or electricity
  • Same quota for everyone but people can sell part of their quota to others
  • £35bn investment into renewable energy
  • Fracking to be banned
  • Prioritise attempts to reach a global deal to limit climate change to below 2C


  • Increase NHS budget by £12bn, and then in real terms by 1.2 per cent a year taking into account the ageing population
  • £8bn a year on free social care for all older people
  • VAT extended to "less healthy foods" including sugar
  • Money saved from VAT spent on subsidising the cost of fruit and vegetables
  • Minimum price on alcohol of 50p per unit


  • £8bn a year into "free, universal and flexible" early education and support
  • Grammar schools abolished
  • Increase in state school funding to 2010 level, costing £7bn a year
  • Class sizes cut
  • Tuition fees abolished
  • Student debt issued by Student Loans Company and held by the Government cancelled


  • 500,000 social rent homes provided by increasing the social housing budget to £6bn a year
  • Landlords would not be able to write off mortgage interest payments against tax, raising £5.8bn a year
  • Five-year rental agreements for tenants that would rise only by the rate of inflation
  • Right to buy scrapped
  • New higher council tax bands for more expensive homes

Work and wages

  • Minimum wage increased to £10 per hour by 2020
  • Maximum 35-hour week
  • Maximum pay ratio of 10:1 between best paid and worst paid in every organisation


  • Scrap most of existing benefits, apart from disability and housing benefits
  • Income tax personal allowance abolished
  • Every man, woman and child legally resident in the UK will receive a non means-tested "basic income"


  • New wealth tax of 2 per cent a year on the top 1 per cent of earners
  • National Insurance upper threshold scrapped affecting employees earning more than £42,000 a year
  • Top rate of tax raised to 60 per cent
  • Corporation tax raised from 20 per cent to 30 per cent.
  • Airlines to pay fuel duty and VAT, pushing up the cost of flights
  • Tax on plastic bags and packaging
  • Tax on the use of water by businesses
  • Alcohol and tobacco duties raised

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