Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images
Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

David Cameron made his tax returns public on Sunday after increasing scrutiny from the public since the news broke that he owned shares in his father's offshore holding company until 2010.

And Britons being Britons, several people have taken to Twitter to air - or rather sing their grievances.

The trending hashtag #taxsongs takes classic hits and inserts the word "tax" into key parts of its chorus in tribute to Cameron's tax filings, which were first promised to the public in 2012.

There's Abba:


Eddy Grant:


Tom Jones:

Whitney Houston:

Kim Wilde:

Guns N' Roses:

Some took it old school with Bill Withers:

Some users pointed out that certain songs needn't even be changed:

What a testament to Britons' ability to derive humour from a place as dry as the Sahara.

Tax avoidance? Funny. Millionaires' offshore accounts? Funny. David Cameron's tax rates? Hilarious.

Well played, Twitter. Well played.

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