The map of Europe by density of heavy metal bands

Louis Dor
Thursday 26 May 2016 11:30
Picture: Michael Campanella/Getty Images

The UK has had a good run in producing prestigious metal bands.

Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Motörhead to name a few.

Despite this, it's long been recognised that Scandinavia is the metal capital of Europe, something that has been confirmed with a little bit of research by Czech linguist, mathematician, and artist Jakub Marian.

He tallied the population density of metal bands, using the Encyclopaedia Metallum to gauge the relative popularity of the genre in a map.

As predicted by anyone, Finland comes top, while the UK lags behind countries like France, Germany and Switzerland for metal musicians.

For comparison, the number in the US is 72, meaning we trail behind the States too.

Time to listen to some Iron Maiden, kids:

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