The most moving and powerful pictures from the Paris unity rally

Matthew Champion@matthewchampion
Sunday 11 January 2015 19:30

France has come together days after one of its worst-ever terrorist attacks, with what has been described as the largest demonstration in the country's history.

French president Francois Hollande said that for one day Paris would be "the capital of the world", and up to three million people took to the streets in a rally for unity, according to the interior ministry.

Here are some of the most moving and powerful photos on an emotional day for France, and the wider world.

French officials said more people took to the streets of Paris this weekend than when the Allies liberated the city at the end of World War Two.

Jewish and Muslim leaders shake hands at the start of the march.

German chancellor Angela Merkel was among 50 world leaders welcomed to Paris by President Hollande.

World leaders began the rally by linking arms.

Surviving members of Charlie Hebdo marched together, wearing headbands bearing the name of the magazine.

Here cartoonist Luz comforts writer Patrick Pelloux.

Mr Pelloux was later sought out and embraced by President Hollande.

Seventeen people died in three days of terror in Paris last week, including journalists, police officers and shoppers at a kosher supermarket. Here the placards read: "I am Charlie. I am the cops. I am Jewish. I am the Republic."

Nous sommes tous Charlie...

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