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Avoid economic uncertainty they said.

Look at Greece they said. We don't want to end up like that, they said.

Pass the five economic tests before getting the euro they (Gordon Brown) said.

Yet, as one commentator pointed out, the pound is now basically the euro in all but name.

Since the Brexit vote, the value of sterling has plummetted - hitting a 168-year low this week.

The value has not recovered to pre-Brexit levels follow another brief 'Flash crash' in early October.

To be fair to the Brexit supporters, the Great British pound is not exactly the same.

Obviously we're not like Greece was, in that we're not at the behest of Germany and the Eurocracy determing what happens to our economy (single market, or nae single market)...

Nor are we going to be locked in negotiations with Brussels for months...

And it's not like Standard and Poor have downgraded our AAA credit rating like they did to Greece...

Nor has it all hinged on a divisive plebicite...

And unlike the Eurozone's Italy, we haven't resorted to an unelected Prime Minister...


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