The New York Daily News has run a series of provocative front pages this past week in the wake of another wave of mass shootings in the US.

But after facing an apparent backlash from Republicans and the pro-gun lobby, the New York tabloid decided to drastically change tack on Monday, offering up this alternative:

Instead of gloomy messages about US gun laws and labelling the president of the National Rifle Association a "terrorist", the Daily News instead opted for puppies, fluffy kittens and a polar bear with a cone stuck on its head.

Following the shooting in San Bernardino, California, last week and at the abortion clinic in Colorado before that, the paper ran several front pages pressuring politicians to re-assess the country's attitude to firearms:

But for all their protestations, it appears the US remains a nation divided. While Barack Obama and the liberal side of the country become increasingly exasperated, conservatives continue to defend the right to bear arms as laid out in the Second Amendment.

Just last week, the senate rejected two gun control proposals put forward in the wake of the San Bernardino shooting - one which extended checks on those buying guns online and another to stop those on a terror watch list from purchasing guns at all.

Sadly, the Daily News headlines don't seem to be working...

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