The Other Interview that North Korea really doesn't want you to see

The Other Interview that North Korea really doesn't want you to see

Sony Pictures has been forced to cancel its release of The Interview - a comedy film about the fictional assassination of North Korea's dictator Kim Jong-un - citing "blackmail, threats and the hacking of private data".

As a result of this censorship, Amnesty International has decided to release the trailer for its own film The Other Interview - the film North Korea really doesn't want you to see.

The Other Interview follows the story of Park Ji-hyu who explains the inhumane conditions for people living in North Korea.

Amnesty International explains that, in a "powerful first person account", Park explains how she fled starvation before being trafficked to China and then deported back to North Korea.

She tells of being sold as a slave, of being sent to the country's hellish prison camps where detainees face starvation and torture and how she was separated from her son.

In reality, many people in North Korea are subjected to an existence beyond nightmares.

The population is ruled by fear with a network of prison camps a constant spectre for those who dare step out of line.

Thousands of people in the camps are worked to death, starved to death, beaten to death. Some are sent there just for knowing someone who has fallen out of favour.

Amnesty is releasing ‘The Other Interview’ so that people all over the world can hear first-hand how people in North Korea are suffering appallingly at the hands of Kim Jong-un and his officials.

They don’t want you to see it, which is precisely why you should.

  • Kate Allen, UK director of Amnesty International

The Other Interview will be released in January.

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