A thirty-something university professor has undertaken a survey of his friends and former classmates to find out what advice they would give to their 20-year-old selves.

Writing on his blog, computer science assistant professor Philip Guo explained that the results may be slightly restricted because of the sample - those in his social circle were mostly academic high achievers.

Nevertheless, he hoped the survey could help him answer the question: "What's changed in the decade between college and now for some of the most well-educated and professionally ambitious 30-year-olds of this generation?"

The two main takeaways he found were that the majority of respondents said they had more confidence but less free time in their thirties than they did a decade ago.

Here are the five things thirty-somethings feel they have less of now:

2. Physical energy

3. Desire for novelty

4. Social interactions with friends

5. Opportunities to make new friends

Here are the five things thirty-somethings feel they have more of now:

2. Patience

3. Expertise

4. Independence

5. Responsibilities

Perhaps one of the more interesting responses given was “I wish I went into more debt in college. A dollar now brings less happiness compared to a dollar back then."

Guo parts by writing: "My take home message for college students is to use this information to make the most of your early 20s and then enjoy the ride toward 30."

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