The top 10 Questions to Which the Answer is No in 2014

Sunday 28 December 2014 12:00

John Rentoul has compiled his top 10 Questions to Which the Answer is No (QTWTAIN) in 2014 for the Independent on Sunday.

"My collection was originally of headlines in the form of questions to which the publisher implied the answer was 'yes' when it was actually 'no'," explains Mr Rentoul. "But the definition has been relaxed over the years."

1. Mail Online, 9 July. Nominated by Nick Morris.

2. Rare double QTWTAIN asked by a creationist tract spotted by Alan Beattie, 20 November.

3. Mail Online, 11 May. Nominated by Mike Graham.

4. Question in the Hull Daily Mail, 27 October, asked by Neil Pickford, who is worried that he thinks about people and then finds out that they have died. Reported by Alistair Coleman, who compiles a blog called Angry People in Local Newspapers.

5. Asked by The Guardian, 5 September. Nominated by Eric Joyce.

6. Asked by the Scottish Executive, 18 September. Nominated by Chris Deerin.

7. Asked by The Week, 21 February. Nominated by Seth Jacobson. Well, I can add it to the list now.

8. Asked by Will Gompertz, BBC arts editor, 22 November. “This video contains some graphic images.” Nominated by Tom Doran.

9. Metro, 15 December. Nominated by Labour History Group.

10. Asked by The Guardian, 17 December. Nominated by Dr Adam Rutherford.

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