People are angry with this Japanese ice rink for obvious reasons

Facebook/Show Hirata

A theme park called Space World in Fukuoka prefecture, Japan has been met with a mountain of criticism following the release of their new ice rink.

In October, the park teased its customers with the promise of the chance to “enjoy skating under unreal conditions at an attraction both unseen and unheard of…not only a Japan-first, but undeniable a world-first”.

At the end of October they posted teaser photos, which have since been removed, of the new ice rink, featuring thousands of frozen fish embedded in the ice.

People on the internet were angered because of what they perceived to be animal cruelty, and over 100 comments condemned the park’s Facebook posts.

One claimed that Chinese social media was referring to it as “Japan’s vulgar theme park”.

A spokesperson for the department told Tokyo Reporter:

The real fish we used were provided wholesale from public fish markets, and these fish sellers are all aware of the purpose of this project. Many of these fish don’t meet standards for selling to customers. And the big fish like whale sharks, sharks, and rays aren’t real, they’re simply photos that were blown up and embedded in the ice.

The department concludes that the intention of the project was to allow people to experience the world of the ocean through skating amongst its sea creatures.

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