A massive sinkhole tore this road apart - Japan fixed it in just 48 hours
Picture: Kyodo News/AP Images

You might remember the following gigantic sinkhole, which appeared on the streets of Fukuoka in Japan last Tuesday:

Picture: Kyodo News/AP Images

At 30 metres (98 feet) wide and 15 metres deep, to say it was fairly large would be an understatement.

​Picture: Kyodo News/AP Images

The sinkhole had reportedly been triggered by subway constructions.

In just 48 hours, Japanese workers managed to fill it with wet cement and sand; they fixed the electricity, gas and water lines as well.

One week on, and the road is fully reopened for business:

In a statement, Mayor Soichiro Takashima said:

I apologise for having caused trouble to many people.

He went on to reassure the people of Fukuoka that the ground was 30 times stronger than before.

No more giant sinkholes.

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