There are at least three things wrong with this Daily Mail front page

Thursday's Daily Mail leads with the news that David Cameron does not want to take in 3,000 refugee children. It also features a story about tennis, and another one about "house husbands".

Here are some problems:

1. Terminology

The headline uses the terms "migrants", rather than the more appropriate "refugees" - the charities putting pressure on the Government are asking for Britain to take in vulnerable young people who have fled war and persecution, not those moving for economic reasons.

Also, while the prime minister has decided against taking in children already in Europe - as the paper so triumphantly reports - the Government will accept refugees living in camps around Syria - which is given far less prominence by the paper.

2. Juxtaposition

While using almost alarmist rhetoric like "influx", "caving in" and praising the prime minister for his decision ("[he] has been proved correct by the chaos triggered by Germany's decision") to not take in thousands of children born overseas, there seems to be a slight change in tone when it comes to the story on the right hand side of the front page.

Gosh, we wouldn't want to take in any ghastly foreigners... they might turn out to be doctors, lawyers, influential politicians, or, erm, even brilliant tennis players...

Johanna Konta, the British tennis player who just reached the Australian semi-finals, was born in Australia to Hungarian parents and started representing the UK in 2012.

3. The absolute state of the top story

While the story at the top of the page may appear to be a takedown-in-waiting of an old-fashioned ideology, sadly it is not.

The headline from the "Femail" section appears to suggest that the article may have been a balanced piece looking at the shifting ideas surrounding gender identity, parenthood and roles in the household - but a look at the online headline clearly says "don't be so silly":

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