There's more to the picture of champagne outside Number 11 than you think

You may have seen this picture of a man delivering crates of Moet to Number 11 Downing Street.

It's been widely shared on social media, particularly since the Conservatives came to power, but it's actually from 2004 - when Gordon Brown lived in Number 11 Downing Street rather than Osborne.

It was taken by Martyn Hayhow of Getty Images and the caption reads

A delivery of champagne waits for admittance outside No.11 Downing Street, London, 09 September 2004 where the Chancellor of the Exchequer has his official office, but the Prime Minister and his family live in the accommodation above.

In the wake of the Conservative victory there has been a new delivery of champagne to Number 10, as captured by the BBC's Sean Clare - but this time it's Bollinger rather than Moet.

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