There's something not quite right about this Prince Harry anti-poaching story

Bethan McKernan@mck_beth
Monday 10 August 2015 10:00
Stock photo of Prince Harry on secondment with the Australian Defence Force, Darwin, April 15 2015.

The Mail on Sunday carried a big story yesterday singing the praises of Prince Harry, who is reportedly currently working with rangers at South Africa's Kruger National Park as part of a massive anti-poaching operation.

Harry and his father Prince Charles are both long time supporters of efforts to protect endangered animals - but Harry doesn't necessarily practice what he preaches.

Anyone remember that time when ya boy Harry shot a water buffalo in Argentina? No?

Harry has landed in hot water over his love of trophy hunting before. After a 2014 trip to Spain with his brother William, on which the princes shot wild boar and stags, Queen guitarist Brian May publicly criticised their actions, saying:

It’s the whole attitude of the privileged classes – you can rescue rhinos and elephants in Africa but kill at will anything you want if you’re rich.

  • Brian May

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