The anti-Brexit activist group Led By Donkeys are best known for their billboards featuring quotes from politicians that have been spotted all over the UK.

The likes of David Cameron, David Davis and Jacob Rees-Mogg have all featured in the campaign thus far, with the aim of spreading the misconceptions that were presented to the British public both before and after the 2016 referendum.

Now, the group are aiming to take their message to the heart of the matter; Brussels, Belgium, where the prime minister is due to arrive today in the hope of negotiating a new deal with just 37 days until the UK exits the EU.

On a huge digital billboard in Place de Brouckere in the city centre, a 'tweet' made to look like it has come from Theresa May's account is being displayed for all to see.

The quote comes from an April 2016 speech given by May when she was still the home secretary, where she outlined her belief that it would be in Britain's best interest to remain in the EU.

It remains to be seen if May will actually see this billboard but people have been loving it nonetheless.

The location of the new billboard is just three kilometres away from the European Commission's Berlaymony building where May will meet Jean-Claude Juncker this evening.

HT Politico

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