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A poster campaign attempting to shame politicians with their own words and tweets has begun to appear on billboards around Britain.

The campaign which appears to have been started by the Twitter account Led By Donkeys has already posted two billboards around the country, featuring infamous tweets from Tory politicians.

The first which they shared on Wednesday morning featured the 2015 David Cameron tweet about voting for 'chaos with Ed Miliband.' The poster is reported to be in north-east London.

The second was a classic from October 2016 from former Brexit secretary David Davis where he promised that there will be "no downside to Brexit, only a considerable upside." The location of this poster is also in London.

It should be noted that the above words from Davis isn't the entire quote verbatim. His full quote can be read via Hansard.

Both of these notorious quotes are well known for not ageing well but the campaign wants people to suggest other tweets from MPs that they think should be turned into posters with the account vowing to have the posters erected in towns that voted leave.

Here are a few of the suggestions.

The account has since whittled down the suggestions to a handful of different quotes from Brexiteers, including Jacob Rees-Mogg and Dominic Raab and are asking the public to vote on which one they think should be the next poster.

Speaking to Indy100 a man from the activist group who wished to be known only as 'Richard' said that the aim of the project was to remind people of what politicians have said and how quickly they have changed their minds on the issue of Brexit.

There is a long and rich history of inept prophecies of the people currently on the bridge of GB. 

It's interesting to the read some of the predictions from those people that have now done a 180-degree turn and we are just trying to provide a service to the public to see if these people know what they are doing.

Although the two posters that have already been put up have been in London, they are hoping to take the campaign to areas of Britain that voted for Leave and engage people in those regions.

We are now going to go to Leave voting areas, where lots of our friends and family live, people who we love and try to engage people and remind them what our Brexit overlords predicted would happen because it ain't happening.

We are very much aware that putting these up in London is preaching to the converted.

I think it's just reminding people about the promises that are being made by our leaders, including ones who supported remain.

We are asking people to think about what these politicians said and adjust our trust in them accordingly.

Davis made a series of statements which demonstrated that he didn't really understand what the process of leaving the EU entailed, which came at a time when he was the Brexit secretary.

I think it is very worthwhile to put that on posters and remind people that this man didn't have much of a working knowledge of what was supposed to be his specialism and therefore what he says now should be treated with a large dusting of salt.

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