Theresa May is in charge of Brexit. She can't bring herself to say it's a good idea

Mimi Launder
Wednesday 11 October 2017 10:30
Picture:(Getty Images / Jeff J Mitchell / Staff )

Follow your heart. Unless you're Prime Minister.

Theresa May's heart may say 'Remain', as reportedly did her ballot in the 2016 referendum - but her brain seems to say 'lead this nation away from a customs union widely supported by economic experts, even though you once thought that would be a really bad idea'.

Speaking to LBC presenter Iain Dale, Theresa May refused to give a straight answer as to how she would vote if there was another EU Referendum today.

She insisted that she doesn't answer "hypothetical questions".

You can read the transcript here:

The Prime Minister said:

Well, I voted Remain for good reasons at the time, but circumstances have moved on.

The important thing now is we should all be focused on delivering Brexit and delivering the best deal.

But you're asking me to say how I would vote now against a different background, a different international background, a different economic background. 

Dale pointed out that Jeremy Hunt revealed he would now vote Leave, despite voting Remain in the referendum.

But May maintained she was not giving a closed answer despite evidence to the contrary (i.e. her closed answer).

I'm being open and honest with you.

People pointed out that you could infer this leaves her past conversations in the 'closed and deceitful' category.

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