Sometimes a story - in all its wonderful, outlandish beauty - writes itself.

You might remember Dancing Hermione, AKA Kelsey Ellison, who went viral last year after she dressed up as our favourite boffin from Harry Potter and danced like a boss in the streets during London Pride.

Well, she's at it again, and this time she's swapped hard bassline beats for Theresa May's dulcet tones during her resignation speech a few days ago.

Ellison took her improvisation skills to the next level with her avant garde performance of the PM's peace-out speech. Her illustrator friend, who goes by the Twitter handle Snackyboy, acted as a backup dancer.

There are so many great moves to appreciate here, ladies and gents.

Like this sissy-that-walk...

And this Power Rangers-inspired pose.

This facial interpretation of the last three years of May's premiership.

And the finale, timed perfectly with May's hotly contested cry.

It's like a cross between the Olympic figure skating and Team Rocket.

The internet is here for it.

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