Dancing Hermoine lived her best life at London Pride

Hannah Snow/Twitter screengrab

The nation's favourite dancing Hermione went to Pride and it was a glorious event.

Kelsey Ellison, who loves Harry Potter, went viral earlier this year after a video of her dressing as Hermione Granger and dancing like a boss was viewed over eight million times. Now she's at it again, this time for Pride.

Here's the video of Ellison breaking it down at a Pride event.

Kelsey, who identifies as demisexual (someone who does not experience sexual attraction until they have an emotional connection), says she danced at Pride for several reasons, including her belief that Hermione is a character who "would support and stand up for LGBT+ rights".

She adds that the dance style is 'voguing', which is "celebrated by gay culture & was crated by black gay men".

People are loving her dancing.

A video of her was shared almost 50k times and liked 142k times. Whoa.

Dancing Hermione had a great time, too

Basically, this:

Emma Watson? J K Rowling? Your move.

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