Dominic Raab claimed he was a 'details man' and people were quick to point out the obvious

Tory prime minister hopeful Dominic Raab appeared on The Andrew Marr Show, where he talked about Brexit, the looming deadline and his approach to the upcoming leadership bid.

Speaking to Andrew Marr, the former Brexit secretary told him no less than three times that he is a "details-oriented man", which many thought was a less-than subtle jab at his rival Boris Johnson.

He also talked about his years as a lawyer and in the Foreign Office, and added he would not request an extension on the Brexit departure date.

People's eyebrows quickly drew up at his reference to being a fan of details, given that he's not had a great track record with them...

Remember the time he forgot that, as an island, the UK gets its goods by boat and therefore needs the Dover-Calais crossing?

It was sort of excruciating.

There is also the tiny detail of the Good Friday agreement... which, as Brexit secretary, he didn't read...

People were unimpressed.

LBC's James O'Brien sums it up pretty perfectly with this video.

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