These are the 10 best modern universities in Britain

The UK is no longer the brightest of the bunch when it comes to the world rankings of universities founded in the past 50 years.

For the first time, Australia heads the annual league table with 16 institutions in the top 100. The École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, in Switzerland, came top, but the following were the best-placed in Britain (with their global ranking in brackets).

1 University of Warwick (9)

2 University of Dundee (=19)

3 Brunel University (25)

4 Plymouth University (=37)

5 University of Bath (=42)

6 University of Stirling (47)

7 University of Surrey (=65)

8 Aston University (70)

9 University of Hertfordshire (71)

10 Heriot-Watt University (=77)

Source: Times Higher Education

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