These are the countries with the 'most' tourists

Louis Dor
Monday 10 August 2015 19:00
(Photo: Adam Berry/Getty Images

The most overcrowded countries in terms of tourists have been calculated using population and tourism data from the World Bank.

FiveThirtyEight used estimates to calculate the average amount of tourists in countries on any given day.

From this they were able to use population data to find out how many tourists there were in each country as a per cent of the population. Our friends at Statista put them in the graphic below.

In the top 25 countries by GDP, tourists represented a relatively tiny proportion of the population, the most ‘touristy’ being Spain with 2.23 per cent.

On an average day the United Kingdom was estimated to have 729,342 tourists, 1.13 per cent of the total people in the country.

This placed the UK sixth out of the top 25 countries by GDP, by share of total population.

India was ranked the lowest of the top 25 countries, with 0.01 per cent tourists, followed by Brazil (0.05 per cent) and China (0.06 per cent).

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