Thirteen things you may have missed during the Democratic debate last night

Tuesday night in the US saw the first primary debate to help decide the Democratic nominee for president in next year's election.

Frontrunners former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vermont state Senator Bernie Sanders went head-to-head on a number of issues, including the Middle East, the economy and gun control.

The rest of the panel was made up of underdog ex-governor of Maryland Martin O'Malley, who held his own, and the 'invisible candidates': former governor of Rhode Island Lincoln Chafee and former Virginia senator Jim Webb, both of whom just seemed a bit surprised to be there.

While missing the je nais se quoi of the GOP debates, there was still plenty going on during the first Democrat offering, which we've summed up for anyone who was sleeping at the time:

1. Barack Obama was too busy watching baseball to watch all of the debate, apparently.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters:

I don't think that he will watch it wire to wire. There is a – some pretty good playoff baseball on tonight so I would anticipate that he may be doing a little channel surfing.

2. But Bill Clinton found the time to watch his wife speak from his hotel room.

3. There was a podium ready for current Vice-President Joe Biden... just in case he decided to show up.

Time is running out for Biden to announce his desire to run, and he was supposed to come to a decision in September. CNN had an 'emergency podium' prepared though in case of a Biden fly-by.

4. Sheryl Crow was there to sing the national anthem. People didn't like it.

5. Vietnam veteran Jim Webb casually discussed killing someone.

When asked who the enemy he was proudest to oppose is, he said:

I would have to say the enemy soldier that threw the grenade that wounded me but he's not around right now to talk to.

6. Hillary Clinton was the only candidate to bring up Planned Parenthood.

8. But he was less successful with the NRA, with Clinton laying into him on gun control.

9. He bounced back with his plans to tax the rich.

10. Dumbledore was in the audience.

11. Plenty of celebrities decided to try their hand at political hot takes.

12. Vanilla Ice didn't really get the hang of it though.

13. And Donald Trump tweeted mainly about himself.

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