This extremely freaky DIY makeup video is perfect for Halloween

There's only 35 days left until Halloween, guys! What do you mean you don't have matching partner/housemate/sibling/pet costumes ready yet?!

In case you're still looking for ideas, may we humbly present makeup artist Tamang Phan's very creative suggestion.

And then... adding a new pair of eyebrows on her cheeks.

She does her eye makeup in exactly the same way...

And when she fills in the whites of her second pair of eyes things start getting a bit trippy.

She then uses contouring with eyeliner and a brush to create a 3D looking nose.

And lipsticks herself a new mouth.

Her husband was more than a little freaked out.

And so were the neighbours!

Tamang calls it the "Walking Migraine" because concentrating so hard on the make up ended up giving her a headache.

She says she's got more trippy Halloween ideas coming up - so watch this space.

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