This is what a city would look like without lights

Photographer Nicholas Buer's Blackout City aims to show how London would look with no lights, where we could see the night sky in full.

He has been slowly gathering material for the project since August 2013. All the shots were captured during the day and processed to look like night. The shots of the sky were captured in the south of England.

I first got the idea for the film when I read an article about a blackout in LA in 1994 where people called 911 reporting these strange clouds floating in the sky, those clouds where in fact the Milky Way. It made me think about how the lights from cities have made many of us lose our connection to the night sky. We live in a fast paced man-made world whereby it is all too easy for us to become disconnected from the natural world around us, isolated from what is actually real.

  • Nicholas Buer
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