Trump addressed Republican Jewish Coalition. PICTURE: Alex Wong/Getty
Trump addressed Republican Jewish Coalition. PICTURE: Alex Wong/Getty

Providing a respite from Brexit news, Donald Trump has once again hit international headlines.

On Saturday Trump tweeted an image of Democratic opponent and former secretary of state Hilary Clinton. The image highlighted her corruption in a Star of David shaped box, something that was criticised as anti-semitic.

Picture: @realDonaldTrump/

Unusually for Trump he deleted the tweet, but captured a screengrab.

The tweet reappeared with a circle in place of the six sided Star of David.

Given the uproar it caused, Trump and his team cobbled together a response that attempts to nullify claims of anti-Semitism. Matt Ford, a journalist for the Atlantic predicted how team Trump would spin the latest gaff.

He was bang on.

Trump's former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski defended the tweet on CNN, claiming the Star of David which featured in the image was a "sheriff's badge". Lewandowski characterised the anger the image caused as "political correctness gone mad.

As Lewandowski's CNN interviewer Brianna Keilar asked, if the image was not an offensive one, why replace the six sided star with a circle? And more importantly, does Matt Ford have any tips for this week's lottery>

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