This man in a flooded Yorkshire village has an excellent message for those who say the UK should 'help its own' first

A man wades through floodwaters in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire
A man wades through floodwaters in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire

A man from Hebden Bridge has written an open letter on Facebook, addressed to those calling for Britain to 'look after our own' in the wake of floods in the North.

The view was first espoused by Nigel Farage, who called for a slashing of the foreign aid budget which makes up roughly 0.7 per cent of the UK's GDP.

The view also gained traction through a Daily Mail front page on 28 December, with similar calls to cut foreign aid.

Liam Cox, a man who says he lives in Hebden Bridge, an area which has seen severe flooding as well as looting in recent days, ha

I live in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, one of the worst affected areas hit by the floods. It's shit, everything has gotten really wet.

However... I’m alive. I’m safe. My family are safe. We don’t live in fear. I’m free. There aren’t bullets flying about. There aren’t bombs going off. I’m not being forced to flee my home and I’m not being shunned by the richest countries in the world or criticised by its residents.

All you morons vomiting your xenophobia on here about how money should only be spent ‘on our own’ need to look at yourselves closely in the mirror. I request you ask yourselves a very important question… am I a decent and honourable human being?

Because home isn't just the UK, home is everywhere on this planet.

Rather than condemn a kind gesture by a man who's entitled to do what he wants with his own money, why don't you DEMAND that your government donate the costs of a single British missile to the flood victims??

Get a grip, grow up and start looking outwards rather than inwards, it's easy if you try.

The Facebook post was screengrabbed and tweeted on Tuesday, and has since received thousands of likes and retweets. has contacted Mr Cox for a comment.

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